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Our product was born to protect you from hacking through targeted e-mail attacks.

Large scale information leakage caused by targeted e-mail attacks occurred in a public organization in May 2015 and also in a major travel agency in March 2016.
It is revealed that the cause of these incidents was the attached file in the targeted e-mail attacks.
Our brand-new product "Fast Sanitizer" helps to remove the "Macro sectors" in e-mail attachment, Javascript in PDF files, and metadata in image files, into which malice can be easily injected. It's a file sanitization engine which completely protects you from unexpected invasions.


  • Remove risk sectors, like “MacroScript sectors” & “Meta-data sectors”, into which malice can be easily injected, from Microsoft Office files, PDF files and image files.
  • Achieved sanitization at a high speed of 5 times (* internal company comparison: when in macro removal mode). As a result, because of its high original state maintenance performance, easy file sanitization is possible without affecting business processes.
  • One stop sanitizing operation is possible with just this engine because file-sharing function (SMB function) is a standard product feature. Ease of software start-up is also a special feature of this product.
  • With integration with Active Directory as a pre-condition, linkage with user management and log management are possible. On top of that, it automatically creates dedicated folders for individual users, thereby automatically controlling access.
  • We are proud to offer our highly-reliable core logic which have been implemented across 34 prefectures within the country and over 140 municipalities in Japans.


Fast Sanitizer works in 2 ways for the safety protection. (*2 versions work differently and different license)
The SMB version works through file sharing (SMB function) by simply placing the target file.
The WEB-API version sanitizes files through WEB-API.

File sharing (SMB) version

File sharing (SMB) version

Simply put the target file in a personalized, dedicated "IN folder" (the storage before sanitization) in the sanitization appliance.One cannot access to the other person's folder because Active Directory integration makes those restriction. Fast Sanitizer in the appliance scans through the "IN folder" at all times. Once a new file is placed, the process of sanitizing is carried out immediately.
Sanitized file is then transferred to the "OUT folder" (the storage after sanitization) of the identical user. Upon the completion of these processes, the original file is deleted from "IN folder". Get the sanitized file from the "OUT folder".

File sharing (WEB-API) version

File sharing (WEB-API) version

User selects the target file through a sanitizing interface, which needs to be developed by another company. Make a sanitization request to Fast Sanitizer through WEB-API, which needs to be developed by another company. Fast Sanitizer carries out the sanitization process according to the request.
As a response, the sanitized file is returned to another system according to the Fast Sanitizer's specifications of WEB-API. The file is passed back to the user, which needs to be also developed by another company.  

major functions

File formats applicable for sanitization

Microsoft Office Files Excel xlsx、xlsm、xls
Word docx、docm、doc
Power Point pptx、pptm、ppt
CSV File csv
PDF File pdf
Image File jpg、jpeg、tif、tiff、png
Compression File zip
Ichitaro file jtd
AutoCAD dxf、dwg

*Only files (macro removal mode) later than Microsoft Office 2007 are applicable. For 2003 format files, sanitization will be carried out at “Standard Mode” even if set at “Macro Removal Mode”.
*The time to sanitize a file is depend on its format, its file type and its size. Ask us about sizing of our product model.
*Files within ZIP files that are not the target of sanitization will be removed without sanitization.
*Password ZIP are not sanitization targets.
*AutoCAD dxf format files are applicable for the removal of macros and OLE (Object Linking and Embedding).
*For AutoCAD dwg format files, sanitization will be carried out at Macro Removal Mode even if set at“Standard Mode”or“Binary Removal Mode”.


Various ways to ensure your safety through our product,

  • As the "Strengthened Information System Model" in various local governments
  • As a quarantine to move a file to local network under web isolated circumstance
  • Sanitizing files and also sanitizing e-mails
  • Working with virtual browser which realizes web isolation


Fast Sanitizer works as the virtual appliance over your virtual server.
Simply by deploying our product to the virtual server, our product is easily and immediately ready to be used.
Our product is applicable for VMware & Hyper-V.
Besides, our product are core-based lisencing for one virtual appliance and also offering lisences for High availability or Fault tolerance on Hypervisor. In case of Virtual Machine clustering, the license fees are flexible according to your usage.
We are glad to provide detailed information about those infrastructure.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Pricing: File-sharing (SMB) model

File-sharing (SMB) model Standard Price Yearly Off-site Maintenance Cost 5-year Off-site Maintenance Cost
US$8,000 US$1,200 US$4,200
US$12,000 US$1,800 US$6,300
US$20,000 US$3,000 US$10,500
US$28,000 US$4,200 US$14,700
US$36,000 US$5,400 US$18,900
US$52,000 US$7,800 US$27,300
US$68,000 US$10,200 US$35,700

Pricing: Web-API model

Web-API model Standard Price Yearly Off-site Maintenance Cost 5-year Off-site Maintenance Cost
(Core: 1)
US$8,000 US$1,200 US$4,200
(Core: 2)
US$12,000 US$1,800 US$6,300
(Core: 4)
US$20,000 US$3,000 US$10,500
(Core: 6)
US$28,000 US$4,200 US$14,700
(Core: 8)
US$36,000 US$5,400 US$18,900
(Core: 12)
US$52,000 US$7,800 US$27,300
(Core: 16)
US$68,000 US$10,200 US$35,700

Pricing: Options

Options Standard Price
Anti-virus Initial Cost US$650
Anti-virus Annual Cost US$650 per year~

Pricing: Others

Others Standard Price
Parameter setting OPEN

*The license of File-Sharing (SMB) model is different from the license of Web-API model.
*The number of cores are restricted by the license but the amount of memory is free to assign.
*The fees don’t include the goods and services tax.
*The Value Added Tax, or VAT, should be paid by yourself depending on each country’s law.
*We are offering PayPal, credit card or telegraphic transfer as payment method.


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